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Sports medicine

When a player goes down with an injury, how quickly he or she can get back in the game depends on an accurate diagnosis and the range of rehabilitation options available to the therapist.

Our expert team of therapists and athletic trainers understands the unique needs and pressures of sports medicine. That's why we offer the latest treatments in North Platte's largest sports medicine facility and provide access to a comprehensive array of equipment.

In addition, we have North Platte's only Biodext System 3 equipment, enabling range-of-motion and strength training and assessment of the full body. Our 5,900-square-foot facility, the largest in the region, allows us to perform many additional strength and speed therapies inside, regardless of the weather.

Our program also features aquatic therapy, which can effectively aid in and speed up an athlete's progress following an injury. The low impact and resistive use of our state-of-the-art pool offers therapists and patients a wide variety of treatment and rehabilitation options. The pool's 7,800 gallons of water are heated to 92 degrees, enabling therapists to integrate aquatic therapy into the overall strength, conditioning and rehabilitation program.

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