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Physical therapy

Physical therapists (PTs) use a variety of techniques to restore movement and reduce pain. They can help if you're dealing with a sports injury, recovering from surgery or an accident, or if you need help managing the symptoms of a condition like arthritis, lymphedema or Bell's palsy.

At Great Plains Health, all of our PTs have the same goal: To return each and every patient to the highest level of function and quality of life possible.

Inpatient and outpatient physical therapy

In the Great Plains physical therapy program, we offer rehabilitation in two formats:

  • Inpatient physical therapy. These treatments are offered while you're in the hospital. Our certified PTs focus on mobility and range of movement. They can help you learn how to move in and out of your hospital bed, how to use a walker, how to deal with a cane or how to handle a wheelchair. Our PTs can also develop and administer exercise programs that maximize range of motion, strength, balance and endurance.
  • Outpatient physical therapy. People who don't need care in a hospital can come to the Sports & Therapy Center for their treatments. Some people visit our clinic right after they're discharged from the hospital, and often, they work with the PT they met while in the hospital. Others come to our clinic without ever setting foot in the hospital.

Physical therapy solutions we offer

Whether you visit the Great Plains physical therapy team on an inpatient or an outpatient basis, you can rest assured that we'll offer treatments that can help you feel better fast. Our team uses conventional physical therapy tools to help ease pain and boost function, including massage, manual stretching, ultrasound, traction and electrical stimulation.

We also offer cutting-edge therapies, such as:

  • Aquatic therapy. Move and stretch in our heated pool under the supervision and direction of our PTs. The warm water will support your body and reduce joint stress and pressure, so you can strengthen and tone muscles as your body heals.
  • Astym treatments. This innovative therapy allows our PTs to break apart scar tissue that causes pain while stimulating the growth of healthy tissues. Our team includes one of the few PTs in the region certified in Astym treatment.
  • Bell's palsy therapy. Our PTs can use bandages and medications to soothe eyes at risk due to an inability to blink, and they can use exercise, massage, electrotherapy and other techniques to reduce pain and muscle weakness caused by a Bell's palsy outbreak.
  • Dry needling. Very long, thin needles inserted into trigger points can cause muscle spasm, and that may ease pain. This therapy is performed by PTs with extensive training.
  • Laser treatment. Our PTs can use low-level laser waves to help improve blood flow. That boost in blood movement help speed healing.
  • Lymphedema treatment. Massage, bandages, skin care and targeted exercise can reduce swelling and ease pain. Lymphedema treatment can help reduce the risk of cosmetic deformities and cellulitis (infection).
  • Neuro-developmental treatment therapy. This is an innovative form of therapy that's designed to assist people with movement disorders. Our PTs analyze factors such as movement, posture and activity level to develop a therapy plan that supports your goals. You'll work closely with your PT in this program, and you'll develop a plan together.
  • Vestibular rehabilitation. Balance issues can be addressed with this form of therapy. Our PTs customize exercises to address your specific balance concern. Our Biodex machines may be used in a program like this, as they can help you to learn to keep your footing.

Contact the Great Plains physical therapy team

Our PTs are skilled and compassionate, and they're ready to work with you. In order to get started, you'll need a prescription from your doctor.

If you're in the hospital, we'll come right to you with no appointment required. If you need outpatient physical therapy, call 308.568.8000 to make an appointment in the Sports & Therapy Center. We look forward to helping you!

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