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Exercise after surgery

Hip replacement, knee replacement or shoulder replacement surgery at Great Plains Health can change your life for the better. Surgery can help you get back to the activities you love—without pain holding you back. But before you can leap into old routines, you'll need to stretch and strengthen the muscles and tendons that surround your new joint.

Exercise and your new joint

After joint replacement surgery, you're likely to feel stiffness. Some movements might even cause you discomfort.

Exercise can help restore flexibility and normal function to your joint. And exercise can also help protect you from blood clot formation.

After surgery, your orthopedist will offer you a series of exercises to perform every day. It's important to follow the instructions for how to do the exercises and how often to do them. It's also important to keep doing the exercises until your doctor tells you to stop.

Understanding your exercise program

The orthopedists at Great Plains Health will be sure you understand what's expected of you and what you'll need to do before you leave the hospital. If you have questions as you heal, we're here to help. Call Great Plains Health Orthopaedics in North Platte at 308.568.3800 to speak with your surgeon or a member of our staff.

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