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Home health

Great Plains Home Health & Hospice is dedicated to providing the highest-quality home health services to you.

We provide

Skilled nursing

Our nurses will provide a thorough assessment of the patient's health needs, including medical, surgical and mental health. The home health nurse is the go-between for the patient and physician.

Home health aides

Home health aides give personal care, such as bathing, hair and nail care. They work under the supervision of a skilled registered nurse.

Physical therapy

Physical therapists assist the patient in exercises to help increase and maintain range of motion in the joints and to increase muscle strength and endurance. Their goal is to restore the patient to the highest possible level of function.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapists put together treatment programs to restore or increase patients' ability to perform daily activities following an injury, disability or illness.

Speech therapy

Speech language pathologists work with patients who have communication problems, such as those who are recovering from a stroke, have a voice disorder or have had their larynx removed.

Medical social workers

Medical social workers are trained to help identify the social and emotional needs of patients and their families. They aid in finding community resources, identifying financial concerns and coordinating other services the patient may need. They may also offer information on advance directives.

Referral services

  • Respiratory therapy.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Nutritional counseling.

The advantage to home health services

  • Convenience. Your health care team comes directly to your home.
  • Comfort. Enjoy the familiar comfort of your own home while receiving the highest quality of medical care.
  • Independence. Home health care can postpone or perhaps eliminate the need for an alternate level of care, such as a nursing home stay.
  • Faster recovery. Patient studies show health improves more quickly in the home environment than in any other setting.
  • Cost efficiency. Home health services cost less than hospitalization or nursing home care.
  • Availability. Home health services are available on an intermittent, part-time basis as needed. We have a registered nurse on call to assist you at all times.

Getting started

Establishing home health services is a simple process. Great Plains Home Health & Hospice meets all Medicare, Medicaid and third-party coverage criteria. We handle all documentation requirements and process your billing directly to your individual insurance.

Great Plains Health is a certified Medicare provider and is accredited by CIHQ. We are a member of the National Association of Home Care and the Nebraska Association of Home & Community Health Agencies.

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