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Support services

Your cancer fight isn't just physical. A cancer diagnosis—and the cancer treatments that follow—may also test your mental, spiritual and emotional health. At the Callahan Cancer Center, we offer enhanced support, so you won't have to go through this alone.

Your cancer support team

In addition to your oncologist, the Callahan Cancer Center has other team members on staff who can help you during cancer treatment, including experts in:

  • Social work: Our dedicated social worker can help with the difficult or uncomfortable emotional and financial issues that come up during cancer treatment. Our social worker can also help you gain access to a variety of community resources and care facilities, including long-term care and hospice.
  • Eating right with cancer: Our nutritionist works closely with you and your family to ensure your dietary needs are met. You'll get help with menu planning, and our nutritionist can also offer tips on food preparation and the therapeutic benefits of a healthy diet.
  • Cancer rehabilitation: Our rehabilitation specialists can help you recover mobility and integrate back into your lifestyle.
  • Community support: The Callahan Cancer Center has many support programs in partnership with community organizations and the American Cancer Society. These range from support groups to financial, housing and transportation assistance.

Tools you need during cancer treatment

In addition to one-on-one oncology support, you and your family may benefit from access to cancer tools, such as:

  • Wigs and turbans: Patients who have hair loss due to treatment can get a wig or turban from the wig bank located in the Callahan Cancer Center.
  • Cancer education resources: The Callahan Cancer Center Library has many books, pamphlets and audiovisual media with additional information on diagnosis, treatment and coping skills, as well as humor, relaxation and music therapy.
  • Cancer education programs: We offer a variety of educational programming to help you and your family and friends understand the disease and provide each other support throughout the journey.

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