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Billing information

Our goal is to do what we can to minimize the financial burden patients encounter due to medical services received at Great Plains Health. Please ask us if you have any questions at all about the billing process, and communicate any concerns you have with our patient financial services representatives. Becoming knowledgeable about your insurance coverage can be a key to avoiding unexpected bills from medical care received.

Our goal is to do what we can to minimize the financial burden patients encounter.

We're here to help. If you have any questions about billing, insurance or payment information, please call us at 308.568.8600.

Patient billing representatives

To best serve you, a patient billing representative has been assigned based on the last name of the patient. Assignments and contact information are as follows:

Please refer all Great Plains Physician Network (North Platte Nebraska Physician Group) billing questions to 308.568.8352.

Discount option: Great Plains Health offers you a 5percent discount for paying your account within 20 days of the bill date.

Precertification: Many insurance companies require preauthorization or precertification prior to receiving medical services. Please refer to your insurance card for the authorization or certification telephone numbers.

Multiple bills: For all hospital services, you will receive a bill for services provided by hospital staff. Additional bills will come from other providers such as pathology, radiation oncology, radiology, emergency department physicians, anesthesia and others.

Billing: You will receive your first billing statement seven days after we receive payment from your insurance company. If we have not received payment from your insurance company in 45 days, you will receive a letter asking you to contact your insurance company.

Payment options: There are several options for paying your hospital bill. The balance can be paid over three months by check. The balance can be paid over six months using a credit card or automatic bank withdrawal. In either situation, the minimum monthly payment is $25.

Financial assistance: Great Plains Health has a program for financial assistance. If you have difficulties paying your bill, please contact your patient representative for further explanation of our program.

Procedure cost estimates: Oksana, 308.568.7112.

The Resolute Group (Medicaid eligibility): 308.568.7121 or 308.568.7122.

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