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Your gift supports Great Plains Health's mission to inspire health and healing by putting the patient first, always.

Your gift can make a difference, whether in an area of importance to you or to support the general needs of Great Plains Health. Our goal is to match each donor's charitable intent with an area, project or department most passionate to them. The following funds were created to allow the Foundation Board to direct funds to the area of greatest need at Great Plains Health. When making your gift, please consider designating it to one of the following:

COVID-19 supplies

Great Plains Health and the Foundation have quickly responded to the needs of our community and region. We are working to ensure that we are keeping all of the people we hold dear: our patients, staff, friends, family and community - safe.

In addition to all of the recommended CDC guidelines of hand washing, using hand sanitizer, diligently cleaning all areas, proactively practicing isolation and quickly identifying anyone with symptoms, I want you to know that we have also implemented the following:

  • Implementing tele-health whenever possible
  • Canceling all in-person meetings and gatherings of large groups
  • Postponing all community events
  • Canceling all business-related travel
  • Social distancing practices have been established internally

However, we still need your help.

We are more concerned than ever for the well-being of those we are called to serve. PPE (personal protective equipment) helps keep those people; our patients, providers, and staff, safe and healthy.

COVID-19 is our new reality that constantly changes the way we work from day to day. While we have been proactive in our planning and been successful to this point, we still need your help.

Your gift can make a difference today.

As of Friday, March 20, industrial masks can be used for PPE. In addition, we are in need of many other supplies including protective eyewear, masks, gloves and goggles. While this will only be a start, every donation matters.

The Foundation is setting up a COVID-19 fund and any money you send will go into it to provide the supplies we will need to get through this pandemic. Together with your help, we will succeed.

Yes, Count on me!

General fund

A donation to the general fund allows the Foundation Board to fund projects and purchases as needs are identified and requests are made by departments throughout Great Plains Health.

Patient assistance fund

Often, due to a lengthy medical stay or long-term illness, patients struggle to afford the necessary medications required to return to health. Patients may also be referred to a specialist in Omaha or Denver and may need assistance with transportation. Gifts to our patient assistance fund will help with medication assistance and gas cards. Patients are screened by our Case Management Department before being approved, and funds are never dispersed directly to a patient. A maximum gift per patient has been established by the Foundation Board, and gifts average $60 in assistance.

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