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Compliance and ethics committee

Lance Arterburn, senior director of
ethics and compliance

Great Plains Health strives to conduct business with the highest level of ethical and legal standards in all aspects of patient care and business operations. It is this commitment to how we do business that has built our long-standing, national reputation for integrity and quality. For more information about ethics and compliance at Great Plains Health, please contact our senior director of ethics and compliance at 308.568.8613.

Reporting compliance-related concerns

Our goal is to ensure that our patients receive the very best care possible. If at any time, you (as an employee, associate, family member, physician or a person in contact with our services) feel that the highest standard of care or business operations are not being met in the most ethical and legal ways, we encourage utilization of one of the following mechanisms we have created to report such concerns.

  • Contact your direct supervisor. At Great Plains Health, we pride ourselves on the open door policy that exists throughout all hospital departments, ancillary businesses and medical clinics. If you find that your concerns are not being addressed efficiently or effectively by your direct supervisor, please feel free to call our Healthcare Values Line.

  • Call the Healthcare Values Line. To call our Healthcare Values Line, dial 800.273.8452. The reports are confidential and maintain anonymity up to the limits of the law. We can assure you that there will be no retaliation or retribution against anyone for reporting problems to the Healthcare Values Line.

  • Contact the administrator-on-call. When a compliance issue needs to be raised in an emergency, please feel free to contact the administrator-on-call by dialing 308.530.4832. The administrator-on-call is available 24/7 to handle compliance-related issues that arise after business hours and require immediate attention

Compliance plan and code of conduct

The Great Plains Health compliance plan and code of conduct booklet provides a comprehensive strategy to promote consistently ethical and legal actions in all facets of our business. The plan and booklet have been approved by the Board of Directors and serve as a guidepost for our employees, physicians and associates. The plan is overseen by Mel McNea, Interim Great Plains Health ethics and compliance officer. All employees are asked to review the compliance and code of conduct booklet and apply the standards to their work in every way possible.

Great Plains Health ethics and compliance committee

The Great Plains Health compliance committee provides assistance and advice to the senior director of ethics and compliance with regards to the implementation of the corporate compliance and integrity program. The committee meets monthly to discuss and act on training needs, compliance plan risks, policy development and implementation.

Compliance committee members

  • Ivan Mitchell, CEO
  • Tina Pate, chief nursing officer
  • Tom Legel, chief financial officer
  • Jayne Johnson, senior director of human resources
  • Danni Franzen, chief provider network officer
  • Brandon Kelliher, chief information officer
  • Barb Petersen, chief quality officer

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