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Finance and payer committee

Committee members

  • Dr. Todd Hlavaty
    Dr. Todd Hlavaty
  • Dr. Leland Lamberty
    Dr. Leland Lamberty
    Vice-Chair, Board Representative
  • Dr. Dustin Christensen
    Dr. Dustin Christensen

  • Darrel Smith, GPH Board Representative
  • Dr. David Hatch
    Dr. David Hatch
  • Dr. Narayana Koduri
    Dr. Narayana Koduri

  • Dr. Kristen Burwick

Membership and credentialing committee

Committee members

  • Dr. Shawn Murdock

  • Dr. Rich Raska

  • Dr. Kent Allison

  • Dr. Kristen Burwick
    Board Representative

  • Dr. Benjamin Klug

  • Dr. Kristin Lake

  • Dr. James Smith

  • Dr. Jefrey Start

Quality and IT committee

Committee members

  • Dr. Wendy Gosnell
    Chair, Board Representative
  • Dr. Jacob Weisen
    Dr. Jacob Wiesen

  • Dr. Byron Barksdale

  • Dr. Jeff Brittan
  • Dr. Raymond Carlson
    Dr. Raymond Carlson

  • Dr. Renee Engler
  • Emily Jones
    Dr. Emily Jones

  • Brandon Kelliher
    GPHealth CIO

  • Dr. David Lindley

  • Dr. Kathy Lopez

  • Ivan Mitchell
    GPHealth CEO

  • Barb Petersen
    GPHealth Chief Quality Officer

  • Dr. Jovanka Vuksanovic

  • Dr. Joshua Wray

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