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Covid-19 Antigen Test


When is the test available?

Beginning April 22

Who can have the test and how do I get it?

Anyone, including children. The test is open to the public with a physician’s order. Call your provider’s office.

How much does it cost?

Medicare and Medicaid cover the cost of the test. For those who don’t have insurance or their insurance won’t cover, the cost is $152.80. Patients that pay upfront will receive a 50% off self-pay discount.

What does the test do and how accurate is it?

The test is an IgG antibodies and will run through Mayo Clinic Lab. Test is accurate from 11 days of first symptom onset. Patients tested prior to this time may be negative for antibodies.

What does the test do?

This is a blood test that will determine if you have had COVID-19 or not. Because comprehensive research is not yet available to understand the re-occurrence of COVID-19, it is not certain that if you have had COVID-19 you will not get it again. Therefore, you will still need to practice social distancing and wear a mask when in public.

What is the difference between the swab test and the antibody test?

The swab test is an active DNA test and reveals active infection. The antibody test is a blood test that reveals antibody occurrence.

How long do the test results take?

48 – 72 hours

Is the test FDA-EUA approved?


Is this test available at the mobile clinic?

No. The mobile clinic is reserved for active infection tests only.

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