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Weight Loss Surgery Support Group

12/18/2019 6:30 PM (CST)

Diet and exercise are excellent ways to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Eating a balanced diet and getting enough physical activity are both very effective methods of staying at a healthy weight. In some cases, however, obese individuals have rapidly declining health conditions which require surgical intervention to lose hundreds of excess pounds. When performed on appropriate candidates by skilled surgeons, such as the ones at Great Plains Health, bariatric surgery can truly be a life saver.

Surgeries such as the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy alter the size of the stomach and reroute the digestive tract, limiting the amount of food a person can consume after surgery. This leads to drastic weight loss and, in many cases, the disappearance of many other negative health conditions.

The weight loss surgery support group is a monthly meeting designed for people who have completed their bariartic surgery at Great Plains Health. Trained clinicians who specialize in bariatric surgery often lead the discussion, however, most of the learning is achieved when participants learn from the experiences of others who have been on a similar weight loss path.

Registration is not necessary for the Great Plains Health weight loss surgery support group. Just come prepared to learn and connect with others.

1 hour
Conference Room A, Great Plains Health
Karen Waite

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