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Community impact

Community Health Needs Assessment

In 2013 and again in 2016, Great Plains Health conducted a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for Lincoln County to identify the greatest health needs in our primary service area.

The analyses includes a careful review of the most current health data available, demographics and input from numerous community representatives. The process culminated in the development of an implementation plan to address the significant needs identified through the CHNA. Together with our community partners, Great Plains Health will utilize our 2016 plan as a guide over the next three years to support the health of the communities we serve and the mission of the organization. The plan outlines our six most significant needs to include:

  1. Increased access to mental and behavioral healthcare and education.
  2. Prevention education to address chronic diseases, preventable conditions and readmissions, and high mortality rates.
  3. Increased access to safe and affordable housing.
  4. Collaboration with local organizations to improve community health.
  5. Improved access to care.
  6. Continued physician recruitment and retention.

Please click on the links below to review the Great Plains Health CHNA and implementation plans:

Downloadable copies of both documents are available by clicking on the above links or at the information desk located in the main entrance of Great Plains Health.

Other ways we are positively impacting our community:

  • GPFit! community wellness initiative: Our program to inspire health through preventive screenings, wellness events and health education.
  • GP Gives program: Our charitable contribution program dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the communities we serve.
  • Support groups: Our commitment to ensuring that healing occurs both inside and outside our walls.

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